Oak of Puziniškis

Hill of Ladakalnis

The Latrine of a Campsite

Bridge above the River Žeimena

 A painting of a pine forest that's been beaten with a rag

The Holy Rock of Liucionys

Raudondvaris Manor

Burned Forest in the Laurai District, Vilnius

The Stream of Saidė

Oak Trunk near the Stream of Saidė

The Ferry of Čiobiškis

The Cabbage of the river Neris

Romanticist Landscape of Kulautuva

 Village road, Vilkija

Town of Seredžius

Zalewski Chapel, Veliuona

Wind near Jurbarkas

The Nettle

The Rainstorm

On an Island in the middle of Curonian Lagoon

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