Puziniškis Village

From Ladakalnis Hill

Mist over the Lakes

A Stump

A Glimpse into the Clear Sky

River Žeimena

The Holy Rock of Liucionys

The Ruins of Raudondvaris Manor

Burned Forest by the Laurai District, Vilnius

The stream of Saidė

The branches of the Oak by the stream of Saidė

Grabijolai Village

The Church of Gegužinė

Town of Vilkija

Town of Seredžius

Zalewski Chapel, town of Veliuona

Rio de Veliuona

Village of Panemunė

Electricity line

An Old Boat

The Cows

Rainy Colors

Storm in the Curonian Lagoon I

Storm in the Curonian Lagoon II

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