An artist Ieva Tulaitė (b. 1997) is based in Vilnius, Lithuania. She has finished Monumental Arts studies in Vilnius Academy of Arts. Her works are mostly abstract, she is doing a lot of experiments with various techniques although the classical painting from nature interests her quite as much. The most important thing for the author in creating is atmosphere. It comes from everyday lives, experiences and reactions to them. Canvas is a tool to convey a feeling which is projected in the painting process, and the purpose of it all is that this particular feeling, after beating off the canvas, is going to touch the viewer.

Personal painting exhibition "ARCANUM", Užutrakis Manor Estate
Exhibition of the painting expedition "Painting the River", Routers Art Lab, Vilnius
Personal painting exhibition "KRAJ", Gallery "Akademija VDA", Vilnius
Group exhibition „Monumental“, Culture centre of Ukmergė
Personal painting exhibition „Private Space“, Library of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius
Group exhibition „Illusion of Space“, Curonian Spit History Museum, Nida
Exhibition of the painting expedition „Painting the River“, Kintai Arts Residency, Kintai
Group exhibition of the project „Reactor“, Exhibition space „Krematoriumas“, Vilnius​​​​​​​
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